Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What is this blog?

Justice 4 two Sisters was a blog started in March 2006 at the time the Duke rape case broke, by an activist calling herself Song4Assata. Over several months she blogged about the case, the procedural developments, and the media coverage of it, from the obvious pre-judgmental editorial position implied by the title. Around December, as the case against the defendants was rapidly unraveling, the blog was put on hiatus. Sometime thereafter it was deleted. At no point, to my knowledge, did the author ever admit that she had been wrong about the whole affair, or apologise to the players or to her readers.

I noticed the URL had become available for registration again, and as there are still some incoming links, I thought I'd grab it before some spammer does. I don't have more than a passing interest in the case, though I have occasionally blogged about it at my main blog Feminist Critics. The best source of informed commentary on the case and its aftermath is the blog Durham in Wonderland.